Sea Caves 1 (2019)      Sea Caves 2 (2019)      Moon Wight (2019)      Universal Indicator (2019)      Perigee Syzygy Of The Earth Moon Sun System (2017)                                                                                                    Solar Horses (2017)                                                                              Somewhere Birds Were Calling (2016)                                                                                                        More Eagles Than People (2016)                                                                                                        Looking For The Cross Tree (2018)                               Frost Hollow (2018)                               And With A Hard Frost Came Stillness (2016)                                                                                                      Dusk In The Hills (2018)                                   All That Speech Pouring Down (2018)                                   Marginalia (2018)                                   In Extremis (2018)                                    Bell House Pines (2017)                                                                                             White Field #2 (2017)                                                                                                  Rhyolite Glacial Erratic (2017)                                                                                                         Glacial Melt (2017)                                                                                                            Flood Plain  (2015)                                                                                                                Nekyia (2014)                                                                                                            Calendar 1 (2014)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Flood  (2013)                                                                                                                December (2013)

RWA Academician

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014

Manifesta 12 / Palermo 2018

Current exhibitions/projects:

NATURE ART CUBE <12x12x12+NATURE> –   Geumgang Nature Art Centre, Republic of Korea  (dates tbc, currently postponed due to  coronavirus concerns).

20:20 VISION, THE EXHIBITION OF THE YEAR – Greenways Studios, Ashbrittle, Wellington, Somerset TA21 0LE  (dates tbc, currently postponed due to  coronavirus concerns).

THE LEARNED PIG – online publication.  Rootmapping: A Place Older Than People features images of recent works completed as part of the Porthleven Prize accompanying poetry and text by Anne Haven McDonnell.  a place older than people

TLC DECK OF CARDS VOL II – exhibition and auction of playing card works.  Mirror Gallery, South Hill Park, Berkshire.  26 Sept – 7 Nov 2020.

RWA SECRET POSTCARD AUCTION – Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. 10 – 30 April 2020.

CROSS POLLINATION: THE MOTH MIGRATION PROJECT – Oakhill Gallery, Mornington, Victoria, Australia and then touring internationally.