Deborah Westmancoat is a contemporary painter based in Somerset, UK.  She has spent the last decade engaged in a long-term project looking at stages of transformation in classical alchemy in relation to the presence and movement of water found within the natural and built environment.  Alongside runs a parallel line of research questioning our subtle relationships to ‘place’ and ‘territory’.  Every painting starts with the ritual act of collecting jars of water (standing, flowing, or weather) and allowing that water to flow, shape, influence and develop the processes and outcomes of making.  

Westmancoat exhibits frequently throughout the UK and internationally and was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2014, becoming an RWA Academician in 2019. 

During 2018 she represented the UK at Manifesta 12 Bienniale, Palermo, Sicily, as part of the international Ingruttati Palermo group of architects, artists and urban researchers investigating the ancient underground ‘qanat’ waterways found beneath the old city.